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This company gives you an opportunity to widen your knowledge and skills through attending services for different clients. Giving you a chance to meet different people and take care of them. It's just so good to feel that I'm helping someone and I get inspired. I'm so blessed that I have a chance to work here.

I have worked with Just Better Care for over 11 years and have to say it is very rewarding to be able to care for people in their own home environment. The greatest achievement has been advocating for them to remain at home as long as they are safe and supported to do so. This is where their wellbeing and self esteem can be the catalyst for them to feel independent and help others. The delightful conversations we have and hearing their recollections and views on life today are fuel for the soul. There must be some RN's out there with school aged or older children who would be able to work a few hours or more in this very rewarding field, both as RN's or support workers. Give it a go. You will be surprised how much you benefit from this essential work.

Five years ago I made a decision to join Just Better Care and I can confidently say it was one of the best decisions I've made. Just Better Care not only care for their clients but also their employees. We are a strong, united family unit and it makes me proud to be a part of the team. Just Better Care have provided me with the tools, training and confidence so I can ensure that our clients are well looked after just as they deserve.

I love my job with Just Better Care. I love that I can make a difference to someone's day.
Here is why I really enjoy working for Just Better Care. Firstly they often have cool courses, information events and team meetings. These have continuously kept us informed and up to date. They truly care about their workers and the people in the community they support. The reason for this is they have always hand picked each carer, acknowledging their personal qualities and skills to match the customer. I have never had this kind of acknowledgement or support from a company before. Thank you Just Better Care
I like being a Just Better Carer because I love meeting the wonderful people around me. Especially the lovely clients that always make me appreciate my life. And I have learned a lot of new things from everyone, which makes me a better person.